Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pantheon Bear & HOM: Rocky LaBarre

The Man:
Rocky LaBarre


cosign said...

Rocky is the kind of hot-looking, big-slab-of-beef kind of man that I normally go crazy over. I saw him in a Pantheon or Hot Older Male video with Allen Silver and I wanted to yack all over the place. He over acted and was an absolute goofball on camera. That just ruined it for me. I never thought of him in the same way since.

My loss.

Brent said...

Bravo djbear for getting this Blog Re-opened!!! Got you covered on Brent's Male Wallpapers and Google Closes Gay Blogs!!! Don't know why Google has such a hard on about Your Blogs? But You're staying one step ahead of them!!! Your Blogger Buddy Always, (Brent)

Anonymous said...

Rocky is the kind of man who I would drop my pants and bend over for without thinking twrice about. he can plow my ass anyway and everyway he wanted to and I wouldn't say a word except more please.

Anonymous said...

what a marvellous hairy bubble butt, one of the best bottoms in porn

Anonymous said...

He is so hot and sexy, I would make wild hot sex with him , he turns me on WOW

Anonymous said...

I like him specialy his hairy body.