Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TGS - Thor Johnson

The Man:
Thor Johnson

Thor is a nice beefy 25 year old
stocky red cub with about an 8 x 6
uncut dick.

Thor loves to get naked on camera
to show off that thick uncut cock.

Hope you enjoy this masculine red
furry cub!

Screen captures:


Mikey said...

He has it all, good looking hot hunk of a man with a monster cock and balls, i want all the time,, any time

Antoan Máša said...

Nice hairy man and big cock!!!

Anonymous said...

I would let him fuck me over over over and over...breed me nicely

Robert said...

Oh give me that skin. Oh that meat skin

Anonymous said...

I don't like uncut cocks a real turnoff for me no matter what the body looks like

pantera said...

Thor you is beautiful and good!