Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TGS - Rocky

The Man:  Rocky LaBarre
Studio:     THE GUY SITE

Rocky warms up and
lets it all out, hands free!
Check out Rocky and 
all those hot sexy masculine men at


Anonymous said...

Awesome guns!

Rocky LaBarre said...

THANKS! It's an honor to be featured here on your blog, surrounded by all of these images of Hot Men!
-Rocky LaBarre

djbear said...

Your Welcome Rocky!

It's always a pleasure to support all the hot men over at The Guy Site and it was a real great treat to come across your new set of pictures and video at TGS.

I'm sure the viewers both here and especially at TGS have really enjoyed seeing your new solo performance.

Thanks for stopping by here and leaving a comment.

Take great care and I'm sure we all will look forward to seeing you again!


Jim said...

WOW! Thanks to Rocky and DJBear for the fantastic photos. Hairy muscle is the hottest male attribute. Damn!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

love to soap him up in the shower